Our Story

In 1919, a small group of people felt God's spirit leading them to start the First Church of God in Jefferson City. Though a small group with no building to call home and little financial resources, these people followed God's calling. They filed a charter that expressed God's vision for the future of the Church; a future that would call the Church to worship God, the saving of the lost, teaching and training of converts, and the holding of property for the furtherance of this vision. Services were first held in homes and later conducted in the courthouse. In 1926, the first building was erected at 821 Madison and the first service was conducted in June. More and more individuals began to catch the vision of our early pioneers. They gave of themselves in worship, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship through the local ministries and through mission efforts across our state, nation and around the world. By the late 1960's the building had reached it's capacity and the Church had to look to relocate. In April 1972, the dream became a reality and a new building was completed at its present location, 1614 Sourthwest Boulevard. God's vision continues to lead the First Church of God, and in 2000 a building renovation was started to further the vision in the Jefferson City area.